Due to a major shift in my work responsibilities, I am no longer able to provide counseling services in private practice. I have updated my website to reflect this change. I am still available as a speaker, consultant, and trainer for individuals and organizations. My focus is still birth, lactation, psychology, culture, ethics, and equity. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to walk alongside countless individuals and their families as they learn, grow, and heal. I thank my colleagues for their many referrals. And, I hope I may continue to be of service in the role of speaker, consultant, and trainer.

Upon the Healing Journey, Revisited


On May 1st, STIGMAMA published my poem, “Upon the Healing Journey,” as part of its poetry slam in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Since the STIGMAMA website is not currently available, I’m republishing my poem in full here….


Upon the Healing Journey

© 2015 Cynthia Good Mojab


You come to me.

Hesitant. Afraid. Courageous.


We test the waters with formalities that invite us deeper,

Past the demographics and the labels,

Past the masks that offer shelter from judgment and assumption,

Past the gates that guard the hidden self.


Where we come to you:

Your shattered dreams and expectations,

Your yearnings and imaginings,

Your loss and grief and trauma,

Your experience of deceit and betrayal by those who should have held your trust sacred.


And you begin the work of speaking the truth

Of naming the unnameable,

Of feeling the unfeelable,

Of grieving the ungrievable.


The crushing weight of unheard pain begins to lift

As you learn to honor your losses and experience your grief,

As room is made for your anger alongside your gratitude,

As the real, whole picture is painted and felt and seen in the space we build together.


And with the justice of reality spoken, felt, and heard

Your vision broadens to include your many strengths, gifts, and triumphs.


From the ashes you grow a meaning of your own making

Watered with your tears,

Nurtured by your hope,

Protected by your determination to choose life in spite of it all.


And you rise like a Phoenix

With wisdom that will always be yours

And that you will share with others

So that they will know

They are not alone

And they, too,

Can survive and learn to thrive

Upon the healing journey.


Written in honor of all those who have allowed me the privilege, for a time, of walking alongside them upon their healing journeys.

(Anyone is welcome to link to this blog post if they want, but reproduction or transmission in any form is prohibited without my written permission.)

Upon the Healing Journey

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. So, STIGMAMA is holding a poetry slam. I’m honored that Walker Karraa has included my poem, “Upon the Healing Journey.” Here’s how it begins….

You come to me.
Hesitant. Afraid. Courageous.
We test the waters with formalities that invite us deeper,
Past the demographics and the labels,
Past the masks that offer shelter from judgment and assumption,
Past the gates that guard the hidden self….


I hope you’ll stop by STIGMAMA to read the rest of my poem and to read the many other poems that will be published this month to honor the often hidden work of healing and to help remove the stigma of mental health challenges.

And, if you yourself are facing challenges, know that you are not alone and help is available. If I can be of assistance, please let me know.

Best wishes on your journey.


Ready, Set, Listen!

inequity_cynthiagoodmojabThe brand new GOLD Learning Library has launched! And, along with it, my webinar “Ready, Set, Listen! Preparing to Hear the Missing Voices of the Lactation Consultant Profession” is now available on-demand for public viewing.

“Ready, Set Listen!” is the pre-Summit webinar to the 2014 Lactation Summit: Addressing Inequities within the Lactation Consultant Profession that was held on July 27th in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I was asked to give this talk to help attendees prepare to participate in the Summit by learning how to cope with challenging emotions and thoughts often experienced when we learn about inequity, developing a common language and understanding of systems of privilege and oppression, understanding the ethical rationale for eliminating inequity in access to the lactation consultant profession, recognizing the developmental nature of this work, and learning about ground rules for effectively listening and speaking in conversations about inequity.

The content of this webinar can be applied by any individual or institution working toward seeing, understanding, and eliminating inequitable institutional outcomes in breastfeeding support organizations, whether they attended the Summit or not. The webinar provides .75 E-CERPs and .75 R-CERPs for those seeking or maintaining the IBCLC credential.

Additional webinars will be added later to the GOLD Learning Library, including more of my webinars related to developing cultural competence.

New website and blog

I am very pleased to announce that I have just launched my new-and-improved website in time for the new year!

Please stop by for a visit, double check any links that you may need to update if you link to any of my webpages, and let me know if you have any feedback!

Look for my updated information sheets, other publications, resource pages, information on screening for perinatal mental health challenges, a virtual tour of my office, and more…

I’ve also just launched this brand new blog to keep you up-to-date on research, my work, and other news.

I hope you find something useful!


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I strive to create a respectful, safe, and affirming environment in which clients from diverse backgrounds can learn, grow and heal.

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